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Similarities between Tennis and Badminton


On the other side is a feather touch shuttle played with gentle rackets in a much smaller court. Similarities between the two? Tennis strings are much stronger and thicker than badminton racket strings but why bother about the subtle difference in the face of such overwhelming similarity?

Sure enough, both games use nets in between players to challenge them play their shots. Of course, badminton scores over tennis in this aspect as the net is tied at the height of 5 feet, much taller than tennis nets.

Right, the next similarity between tennis and badminton is both games have men's singles, doubles, women's singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Although the women's events have less sex appeal in badminton thanks to the regulations in outfits, hopefully in future the regulations can become as lenient as the flapping skirts of women playing tennis.

Well, coming to the more serious issues, both the games feature in both Olympics and Asian games and the badminton players vie with each other to uphold the honor of their countries as much as their tennis counterparts.

In both games, players serve underhand. Although tennis players always serve overhand, they are permitted to serve underhand if they want to. In spite of the limitation and disadvantage, tennis ace Michael Chang, afflicted by severe fatigue and cramps, served underhand to Ivan Lendl in a French open match on his match point...and won it!!!

In enumerating about the similarities between tennis and badminton, one cannot fail to mention that the major event for both these games happen to occur in England, the Wimbledon and All-England respectively. Both badminton and tennis are played and followed all over the world, albeit with different success and failure ratios. Western world rules tennis and the eastern world rules badminton
in general.








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