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Weight Training for Badminton


Weight training in badminton is chiefly done to strengthen your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints and the muscles that surround them. You must use hand grippers to increase the strength of your hand muscles.

Weight training exercises used to strengthen the forearms and arms can be done with dumb-bells. By the same exercise, your back muscles surrounding the shoulder blades on either side are also strengthened. Similarly, lifting barbell can also be done to strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles.

Here also your body serves as the weight.

For specifically weight training middle and lower back muscles, barbell or dumb-bell dead lift with stiff legs can be done. Sit-ups are ideal to strengthen your abdominal muscles. In sit-ups also, your body acts as the weight. To strengthen your thigh and calf muscles, proper squats are to be regularly practiced which strengthens your quadriceps (thigh) muscles, hamstrings and calf muscles besides strengthening the heel (attachment of calf muscle Achilles tendon to the calcaneal bone). For strengthening calf muscles, barbell seated calf raise (here the player sits in a chair supporting the barbell in his thighs and raises his ankle from the floor, thereby lifting the weight) and calf press in a leg press machine can also be done.

Usually weight training in badminton is recommended twice or thrice weekly amidst other exercises. What does weight training actually do to you? It increases the power of the muscle resulting in better power play. It has been shown that slow movements bearing heavy weights is beneficial when one chooses to do weight training in badminton as they aid in muscle hypertrophy better.

One more issue is when to start weight training in badminton. Precautions to be followed during weight training in badminton:

- Do adequate warm ups before weight training.

- Consume adequate water during training.

- Eat carbohydrates and proteins within one hour of weight training









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